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Getting started

Here is a basic tutorial for everyone who doesn't know what to do.

Basic Movement


Movement is one of the first things you will need to master, due to the fact that Love is littered with platforms and hard to reach areas.

Key(s) Effect ingame
WASD Basic Movement
Spacebar / Right Mouse Jump
Left Mouse Use tool/Activate object
Esc / Middle Mouse Release Mouse
H Toggle Help
1,2,3,4 Select Tools
F1,F2,F3,F4 Select Item

Advanced Movement

Grab jump

If you are trying to access a higher surface that you cannot quite jump onto, you'll often find that performing a second jump as you come into contact with the wall will allow you to grab onto the ledge and lift yourself over.


Players can perform flips in game by holding the jump button while moving the mouse upwards or downwards. Similarly, the mouse can be moved left or right to quickly change directions during a jump.

Water swimming/diving

In order to swim underwater, one must find and equip a dive token. Without this token, the water will quickly kill you upon contact.


Death and respawning

Dying is not very serious in Love. When you get hit the border of your screen will turn red until you die and respawn. Your equipped tools will stay with you but tokens and pods currently in your inventory will be dropped. There is no PvP in Love so you can only be harmed by the AI, or by falling in water without a dive token equipped.

When you join a new server you will spawn at a settlement, or a random checkpoint in the world if there is no active settlement. You can switch your checkpoint to another at any point in the game, simply click on the new checkpoint you want to set as the active one to have it take over the old one. This method works for settlements as well as checkpoints, just click on the Monolith of the new settlement you wish to join and you will be assigned to it. You will always respawn at your latest activated respawn point unless you got shot by a teleportation gun and get teleported to a jail.

At any time you can click either a monolith or checkpoint arrow in the taskbar to respawn at this location. You will always respawn with full health and energy, though you will lose all pods and tokens you were carrying, so this is not a viable way of returning to base.

Joining a Settlement

To find a settlement simply follow the arrows drawn on screen, if there is no arrow, then you are either already part of a settlement, or no settlement exists. If this is the case, attempt to find a monolith token and establish your own. The Monolith forms the heart of a settlement. If it is destroyed then the settlement dies with it. The monolith is a tall building with red vertical markings on two sides, making it very hard to miss.

  • When you don't belong to a settlement you need only walk into the vicinity of a Monolith to join.
  • You can respawn at the Monolith
  • You can start terraforming the land around the Monolith once you have joined
  • You can pickup tokens in the wild and place them in the range of the settlement's monolith

Founding a Settlement

There are two conditions that allow you to found a new Settlement:

1. There is no settlement (you don't have a compass that shows you the way to the next settlement and you have no monolith icon on the taskbar, so your are not a member of a settlement). Any token you pick up will turn into a monolith token that can be placed anywhere you like.

2. For every 10+1 players you can pickup another token that turns into a monolith token to form a new settlement. (11, 21, 31, etc.) New monolith tokens can only be picked up when you don't carry any other tokens. Maximum is 8 settlements per server.

Placing a monolith is simple: Just select the token with the F-key (F1-F4) and click the tile where you want to have it. Voila, a new settlement!

The Settlement

Once you have joined a settlement, the next task is to work out what everything does.

In Love it's hard to identify what's what. Fortunately enough, there's a description down in the lower right corner that appears when you look at something. For example if you are looking at a Radio Tower it might say "Radio Tower Token". If you have the help function turned on (H key by default), a brief description will appear onscreen, detailing the object.

Token Hunting

Token hunting is the process of searching far and wide for elusive tokens. It is a vital part of every settlement, and it's possible for it to be very time consuming. A possible motivation is to help out your settlement by finding a windmill token, to help increase your settlement's power.

Overally it's a very simple process, but you have to be ready if you encounter any enemies. Keep your blaster out at all times if possible.

Tokens are placed in your four item slots. Therefore, if you want to release it without a bunch of nonsense and moving of the mouse, just press the corresponding key.

For example, if you had a windmill token in [F1], just press [F1] and it will be released!


Make sure you discuss with your fellow settlers where to put your token before you set it down. It will help deter any problems you may face in the future. It may even save you from getting kicked from the settlement!


A common misconception is that the Building Tool is for raising ground. However, the actual tool that you seek is called the Smoothing Tool. All the building tool does is change the material of the surface you click.

Simple terraforming

A very common strategy for building a defense is to build a gigantic wall around your settlement. To do this, take out your smoothing tool and click on a plot of land. Then raise it up as high as you can and jump. Once you reach the peak of your jump, release your mouse button. This will create a higher wall than if you just raised it without jumping.

It would now be a good idea to build a door. To do this, look at your wall you just built, and you should see a outline of a square. Now the higher you mark the higher the entrance will be if you look down it will be smaller.

Stairs are also a vital part of any settlement, so it's a good idea to learn how to make them. Need more information


This is probably the most annoying YET most important tole at the time being. Since the AI in the alpha is so hard and aggressive all players most be on guard and have guardians out defending the base entrances.

There's no real help here other than scouting the area just outside the base is a idea for the guardians to know the area.


We will now get into the more advanced part of this tutorial, which is about hacking stuff with the config tool.

This tool gives you the possibility to direct energy reflectors and change systems to do stuff your way. It also has various other uses, which will be added here as more information is gained.

Basic "Hacking"

The basics are to redirect energy in the world to your settlement. This are done by finding a power Well. The power Well makes constant energy, so having this directed to your base means your base will never run out of energy unless it uses more than it receives.

Now you have to see that the config tool UI comes up when you get near a building and have the tool ON. Here you have to understand whats what since the UI is blur and hard to understand some times.

The first above numbers are the coordinates that this object send too. (note that if there's only one it's the send to number on power wells)

The below is this objects coordinates this is what you will be interested in, since directing power relays are working this way first you find the coordinates of the power relay you want to send the power too. Then you go to the Power Well/power relays and send in the coordinates and woala!! the thing is now working.

Now making a chain is much more work.

But to make work less hard you have a save coordinates function USE IT.

You save the coordinates by clicking the little bottom below the coordinates it's placed on the long line so you should be able to see it. When you done so a little arrow will pop up at the lower UI and always show where that object is, and to use those coordinates you need to click a new bottom at the sending power source to copy the coordinates to that object making it sending the power to that position.

Offensive Strategies

Now this is not only about attacking. Attacking a AI have several objectives where Hacking is a part of it. So here's the 3 part guide.

Hacking the enemy

This is about hacking their power supply away from them stopping their production of pods, making them less powerful against you and a less threat. Hacking is mostly used to weaken or stopping the enemies base system making it easier to blow it up.


You might remember that there's been talking about that the games AI have Tokens in there base? This is where Stealing comes in since sometimes fighting AIs can be hard and long driven and you NEED more Tokens to become more powerful.

I find running in with my mind set on stealing their treasure is a good idea sometimes but do this only if your don't got any items that you can loses doing this. Simply the only advice here is "dodge for your life"

Also note that an AI base will be destroyed if you take all their tokens from their altars!

Blowing them up

Okay, you now have rocket weapons the slug rifle and some grenades to blow the AI to the afterlife... Unfortunatly you need those tasty bomb pods to destroy their placed tokens and spawners and - maybe you will guess it - only AIs can produce bomb pods!


A GREAT thing you can do is stealing their pods since you happen to find REALLY powerful items that they produce.

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